Sunday 25 October 2015

Sienna's 3rd birthday presents!

girls toddler birthday ideas

Sienna's birthday is coming up on 8th November and I am pretty much done with her presents so thought I'd share what we got her, incase you're in need of some inspiration! I really struggled this year as she already has so much.. normally we spend a lot more than this on her but this year I just thought there is no point. She gets spoilt from the rest of the family anyway!

The table top shop will be her main present, I have had it for a while as I got it in the sale, it was half price at £24.50 so I snapped it up! We don't have room for a full shop set up but she absolutely loves playing shops so I wanted to get something along those lines. The same with the till, she doesn't actually have one yet so when we play shops, we use a coaster as the scanner and pretend money. She will love this!

All she has requested for her birthday is Frozen dress up clothes so I had to get her at least one thing! I know my mum has already got her the Elsa costume so I got her the Anna costume and then the Elsa and Anna shoes to go with it. Again I know she will love it! 

Lastly, I have got her this cute little backpack and matching umbrella. She asks for her own umbrella every time it's raining as one of her friends has one so when I saw this I thought it was perfect. I got the backpack so we can take it with us on trips to the shops etc with snacks in for her. Her Peppa pig one she uses for playgroup is quite big and she isn't able to carry it herself when it's full. This one is the perfect toddler size so she can carry it without falling over and it saves me swapping her playgroup things out and back in again.

I think we've done alright, like I said it isn't as much as we'd normally get but at least I know she will love it all! We will be taking her out on her birthday as well to the cinema and out for lunch I think. Now I need to start thinking about what to get her for Christmas... eek!

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