Thursday 15 October 2015

Maternity style with Belly Bandit!

I am loving the fact that I am going to be heavily pregnant in the Winter again as it means I can live in baggy, comfy warm clothes as opposed to trying to find Summer clothes that look nice when you're huge! I have been favouring leggings and dresses/long tops lately as they are just so comfy and you can layer them really well. 

Maternity style

The dress I have on above I got from a market we went too last year, I love it because it's comfy and I think it looks very Joules/J crew! Looking back at these photos the dress isn't the most flattering, a bit shapeless and the horizontal stripes don't help my widening hips, but with a coat and scarf on it doesn't matter because you can't really see my shape anyway! My snood is again from another market last year, flats from New Look and my leggings are the B.D.A leggings from Belly Bandit®. 

belly bandit review

I am so excited to be working with Belly Bandit® on some product reviews throughout my pregnancy and after the birth. They are a brilliant brand offering products for women during and after pregnancy/birth to help shrink, tighten and control their new body shapes. Belly Bandit® is the top post-pregnancy shape wear collection recommended by nurses, hospitals, fitness experts, and of course, mums-to-be like me. 

My first product I chose to review was the B.D.A leggings as like I said, I am living in them! I first noticed that the quality if great, they are really thick and stretchy unlike 80% of other leggings and are not see through. As they are stretchy, they really feel like they suck you in and give you a smoother shape but are comfortable at the same time. They come up above my bump so they don't dig in half way across yet still allow for plenty more growing. They're really soft and don't have any any labels so there is nothing to irritate you which is great. I have already been wearing these non stop and can see them being an ultimate pregnancy favourite I wear until the end and even after.

belly bandit B.D.A leggings review
belly bandit B.D.A leggings review

The next product is the Upsie Belly. This is a supportive band for around your bump that helps relieve the weight and pressure of the baby to make pregnancy more comfortable for you. Again it is super soft and non-irritating as it is made from soft bamboo from viscose and has 12" of adjusability to grow with your body. 

Belly bandit upsie belly review

It also has a little pocket inside with a gel pack that you can heat up or cool down to help with any pain or discomfort. It can help ease sciatic, hip/back pain and decrease varicose veins, hernias and haemorrhoids. 

Belly bandit upsie belly review
Belly bandit upsie belly review

The band can also be used with the gel pack and turned around (so it fastens at the back) to help with pain after you have delivered the baby. I have found this band really helpful now that I am getting bigger. I can feel baby girls weight when I bend over so having this to take pressure off has been lovely. I have also been using the gel pack heated up as I have some kind of trapped nerve in my bum that gets really bad if I sit down for too long. It has definitely helped and I can imagine it being really comforting and helpful to have on during early labour or after delivery.

I'm really impressed with the quality and the design of both of these products. They have definitely been made with every little detail in mind and are fantastic products for pregnant women!

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Have you tried anything from Belly Bandit?

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