Friday 16 October 2015

Jamie's Italian pasta.. which shape do you buy?

We reviewed Jamie's Italian restaurant last year and we absolutely loved our experience. As you can imagine, the food was absolutely delicious and although we haven't managed to go back since, we definitely plan on it as can you believe it, neither of us actually ordered pasta!

I went for a salad and Warren went for a lamb trio that was served with potato so we have always said we need to go back and get a pasta dish each. We love pasta in this household, Sienna always requests pasta for dinner if I ask her what she wants and it's one of the only meals she will finish these days! 

Jamie's Italian pasta

This infographic above create by Jamie's Italian, tells you all about the different pasta shapes and their heritage. To be honest, I have never really thought the shape of the pasta mattered or thought about why there are so many different shapes! We always go for penne when buying pasta as for some reason, I swear it tastes nicer! I always use spaghetti for bolognese though and I do love ravioli too. 

So many of these I have never tried or seen before though, I will be keeping an eye out next time I'm in the super market and maybe go for a different shape and find some recipes to use it in! 

What shape do you always buy?

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