Monday 3 August 2015

Qwiddle - the FREE online piggy bank for children

When I was younger, I was always asking my mum how I could earn some pocket money. I would do chores and help around the house and then when I was at college, I would clean the house 2 days a week while my mum was at work to earn my pennies. This was quite a few years ago and of course in today's modern world, everything is changing, including our kids piggy banks. 

Qwiddle is a free online piggy bank for your children that allows them to learn good money habits for life; something we all want to teach our kids eventually. Qwiddle asked me to set up an account and have a play around with it to see what I thought. 

Qwiddle is powdered by PayPal and is safeguarded with parental controls which is a massive plus point for me. We all know the internet can be a dangerous place, even more so when it comes to money so I was glad to see this. PayPal is something I already regularly use and trust so it put my mind at ease. 

The idea behind Qwiddle is that you can set your child tasks, such as a chore to be done so they can earn their pocket money and then spend it online, safely through PayPal. As I said before it is secure and is also a bit more fun and 'grown up' for older kids as it can be used on their favourite devices; be it an iPad or iPhone. 

After having a little play around with it, I can really see the appeal for kids and parents. It was easy to set up and it allows kids to see visually how well they are saving. They can set goals for things they want to save up for so it really does encourage them to be smart with their money from a young age. I would definitely consider using something for Sienna when she older! 

To see more about Qwiddle and to sign up and receive £5 into your account, visit their website here.

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