Tuesday 4 August 2015

Deluxe BBQ ideas

deluxe BBQ

Dreaming of the Summer can get a bit tedious in the UK.. it never seems to actually appear. I did hear stories we were meant to have the hottest August ever but now apparently it has change to August being a washout.. what a surprise! 

Either way, we vowed this year to get more use out of our BBQ and so far, we have used it once! I didn't even get the BBQ experience from that though as I wad out on a hen night. If we miraculously do get a hot August, we want to throw a really nice BBQ and invited some friends round. I put together this wish list of a few bits I could get to make it a bit more special.

We really need a new table, we got ours when we first moved in 3 years ago ad when we got it out the box, we realised it didn't even have the parasol in it! We have meaning to get a new one but just haven't got round to it. I love this round one with six seats available here, we have to go for round ones as they fit better on our small(ish) patio. 

I love the BBQ metal sign, we could possibly attach it to the fence if it isn't too heavy?! It's from Dot & Bo and is currently on offer! Burgers are a must have on a BBQ and I love mine with fried onions but can never be bothered to do them inside separately. If we got a skillet or frying pan, we could use it on the BBQ and do them that way.. I had never though of this before good old Pinterest! 

A basket of blankets would be a must have because it still gets chilly in the evenings and then we could stay outside a bit longer rather than eating and coming straight back in! I love HomeSense for baskets and blankets, they always have such a fab range and they're great quality at affordable prices. I already have this glass drinks dispenser from which is just perfect for BBQs and looks so lovely but I do love the look of these glasses from Ikea!

I really hope we get some nicer weather soon so we put the BBQ to good use and have a little garden party! 

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