Tuesday 28 July 2015

Tips for buying car tyres for your next road trip

When thinking about a road trip, you are probably planning a journey that will be longer than you usually do in the course of the average week's motoring. Therefore, you ought to check that your tyres are up to the job and not suffering from tread wear or other damage, like side bulges. If your tyres need replacing, then here are the things that you ought to be considering.

Don't be tempted to buy part worn tyres ahead of a long journey. They can often be perfectly good for a short space of time, but it is extremely hard to predict how long they will last once they are put into service again. This means that part worn tyres usually turn out to be something of a false economy and you end up paying more for tyre upkeep in the long run.

Buying your tyres from a nationwide car tyre dealership that sells lots of different brands helps a lot! Point-S one of the leading networks of car tyre dealers has local presence all over UK, moreover, they have a convenient reserve and fit system for car tyres which does not require any payment! This way, if you purchase a single car tyre from a certain manufacturer before you set off and subsequently need to replace another tyre when you are miles away from home on your road trip, you will be able to get the same model of car tyre. This will help you not to end up with a mix-match of four different tyres.

Remember to consider your spare tyre as well as the four that are on the road when buying new tyres. An old tyre in the boot of your car is not much use if it is not street legal or has already been switched over. Road trips really need five good tyres, not four.

Before buying any tyres, especially when you are doing so without a professional present who can check your tyres for you, remember to confirm both the size and specification details that is mentioned in your car owner’s manual. This will mean you get ones which not only fit the sort of wheels you have, but will also result in all the tyres being compatible with one another, a legal requirement in the UK.

Finally, consider the destination of your road trip. A long journey in the summer probably means that a normal brand of tyre will be perfectly adequate. However, if you are thinking of driving northwards, then winter tyres from a reputed brand such as Michelin can be especially helpful. They maintain better traction in snow and ice and are often a better option than snow chains at lower temperatures.

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