Tuesday 28 July 2015

Currently (July)

Current Celebration: Summer holidays! I'm loving not doing the playgroup run twice a week at the moment but I'm sure it won't be long until I'm ready to send her back ;)
Current Confession: The past week has been full of way too many haribo ;)
Current Product Find: We were sent some food and drink products from the brand Princes and we have been really enjoying them. In fact most of it is already gone! Sienna loved the Disney princess pasta shapes, Warren has drank all the orange juice and the fruit has been delicious on my porridge in the mornings! 

Current Plan: Lots of crafty bits following my crafty haul from the 99p store & mothercare
Current Purchase: My last big purchase was Piper! If only you could buy babies as easily, haha ;)

Current Drink: I do love a diet coke with some lemon and ice!
Current Holy Moly: The realisation it is August next weekend!! How did that happen?!

Current Show: It's already finished but I really loved 'Married at first sight'. A crazy idea and just goes to show that even if you're scientifically matched, you may not fall in love! Warren and I totally got it wrong though, we thought Jason & Kate would make a great couple and James and Emma not so much.
Current Want: Sleep! I feel super tired.
Current Obsession: Cheese! For some reason cheese tastes super good at the moment and I want cheese sandwiches most days for lunch. 

What are you currently watching? 

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