Tuesday 14 July 2015

My little pony addict

Along with Disney Princesses, Sienna is also a big fan of my little pony, she can name and recognise all of them which is more than I can do! Character wise contacted us and wanted to send Sienna a little box of surprise My little pony goodies and I knew she'd love it. 

In the box, Sienna received the Activity carry packApple jack soft toy and Twilight sparkle jewellery case. I can't tell you how excited she was, there were lots of squeals and gasps as she realised what she had. She immediately opened the carry pack and got the stickers out.. they are now plastered all over the jewellery case to make it 'even more my little pony'. We are yet to do any of the colouring as the jewellery case was much more interesting but it looks great for a rainy day.

The Apple jack toy has been a definite favourite, she has declared Apple jack and Rainbow are now best friends and has joined in many games and trips to the shops with us. 

 The jewellery case is of course the winner, the perfect thing for a girly 2 and a half year old! It came with a bracelet, crown, 2 hair clips and another hair clip with a strip of pink hair attached to it. She's absolutely loved it and hasn't gone a day without playing with this.

Their website has a lot of brilliant character toys and products all at affordable prices which is great. If your toddler is as character mad as mine, it's worth a look :)

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