Saturday 18 July 2015

Long term sustainable weight loss

If you are interested in losing some weight, you might have already tried one or two things in the past. There are diets, and there are exercise plans all over the internet. Some make lots of promises about how much weight you could lose. Others seem to have some facts and figures to help back up their claims of effectiveness. For me, I know that losing weight and keeping it off for life is tough.

Looking at all the ideas I’ve seen online, it seems that lifestyle choices will affect the results and longevity of your weight loss. For quick losses, calorie controlled diets seem to work well. But I’m not sure they work in the long term. You can’t live forever on a strict and restricted diet.

Exercise boot camps also seem to work quite well in the short term, but most of us have jobs to go back to. Four hours a day of intensive exercise really doesn’t work in real life. There needs to be a middle ground. Some exercise and some attention to portion sizes seem to be the best way to maintain weight once you’re at an ideal figure.

So how do we get there? I’ve been looking around at some of the plans that recognize a quick push at the beginning doesn’t sustain you for life. The kinds of plans that change gear over the weeks to lead you to a healthier lifestyle are the ones that are most interesting to me. Some talk of metabolic override or quick burns to give you a start. Then they offer you a gradually evolving plan to get you to the weight you want to be.

I know most of you don’t want to be skinny. You want to be energetic, active, fit and healthy as well. I think it’s important to remember that diet can’t do that on its own, and neither can exercise. A good combination of the two is key to having the right lifestyle to stay slim and healthy for life. But I do think a plan to boost your start is a great way to get going.

There are a few good plans out there that boost your metabolism or fat burn to get you started. Some of them call for fasting once or twice a week in the beginning. This has been seen to work, much like a detox has a quick effect. It’s worth trying one of these kinds of plan to see if they work for you. Pick ones that continue to provide guidance beyond the first three months. Then you know you are heading somewhere viable with them.

The internet does seem to have a wealth of tips, ideas and plans to help people lose weight. None of them will work without motivation, willpower and tenacity on your part. Losing weight is hard, and keeping it off for life is even harder. My best advice is to not give up even if one plan doesn’t work for you. Sometimes you just need to try something different.

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