Monday 13 July 2015

A Venue-by-Venue Guide to Nightlife Fashion

Who doesn't love a good night out?! Electronic music blaring from speakers, fine cocktails being coiffed by the dozen, fine conversation, hilarious conversations with strangers you'll never meet again; a wonderful thing by all accounts, but there can often be a rather substantial stumbling block to one's night time proceedings - clothing. Yes, we've all been there, affected by overzealous nightclub bouncers declining entry due to the presence of an errant sneaker or shabby sleeve! To help you avoid this issue, here are some of the best things to wear for the many types of night time venue.


Your typical bar in the centre of town doesn't particularly care what you wear. Whether you're a girl or a guy you can rock up in your smart casuals or regular, run of the mill, casual wear, however definitely ensure that you're not wearing anything shabby or dirty; you probably won't get in otherwise!


Of course, what you decide to wear to a club very much depends on the type of club you're visiting. Provincial establishments will be fine with smart casual - loafers, decent trousers, polo or collared shirts for the guys or dresses, pencil skirts, buttoned blouses or three-quarter sleeved tops for the girls - however the more flashy, capital city clubs will want to see leather, good brands or patterning and a general attention to detail.

VIP Area

No, we're not talking about the UptownAces online VIP gaming club, although the traditional casino equivalent is very much akin to the VIP section in terms of things sartorially-minded. Here, the word of the day is style. You need to go in to the VIP area with a swagger about yourself, portraying a self-defined style that speaks out and shows off. This could be done with designer names, suits and cocktail dresses, or could be done with unconventional tops, jeans, hats and the like; VIP is hard to gauge given that, often, said areas full of VIPeople!


Again, mealtime clothing depends on the establishment, however classier restaurants generally require a light suit or shirt-trouser combination for gentlemen and a dressy look for the girls, garnished with clutch bags and pretty jewellery. For the finest tables, guys should think suited and booted, alongside a pocket square, tie and cuff links, and ladies should find a delicious gown - topped off with long gloves and all things luxurious.

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