Friday 22 May 2015

Unique wedding albums

Your wedding album is one of the places you’ll return to in order to relive the memories and the feelings of your big day, from the small details such as what colour your nails were painted to the first glimpse of one another as you walked down the aisle. It’s a place that tells a magical important story and one which you will want to share with everyone. Of course as with all things in our modern world, wedding albums have come a long way, and there is now so much more you can then just stick them in an album. So grab a cup of tea and discover how you can make your ever lasting memories just as unique as your big day!  
Story book
Create a real life fairy tale for your children with a story book themed wedding album. These work by having your pictures in chronological order with one picture per page with the opposite page holding a written story to do with your wedding, you are able to create something really personal and magical with this idea.  This is perfect if you’ve got little ones as they can help you to tell the story in their own sweet words. 
Digital Photo frames
By inserting a device which holds your photos such as a memory card or USB, digital photo frames are able to create a slideshow of your special day. This is a great idea and there are so many advantages to this, for example; you’re not just limited to one picture, the pictures are digital so aren’t going to fade and they are also a great conversation maker as people are able to visually see your pictures at ease.
A flipbook combines a series of pictures from one page to the next, which when flicked through quickly turns into a motion picture. Flipbooks are often aimed at children but you could create something really unique and fun which all the family will enjoy flicking through.
Memory Box
How about a memory box? Using this idea you’re able to store not only your wedding photos inside but other little bits from your wedding too which are memorable to you. You are able to decorate your memory box however you want. The fabric could be similar to your wedding dress for an extra personal touch. 
Pull out photo album 
Homemade items are special and couldn’t be any more personal. Pull out albums are a series of attached photos folded into a little box, you’re able to pull them out and let the pictures unravel and tell a story. There are a lot of step by step guides helping you to create this online on sites such as Pinterest. 
There are lots of unusual and personal ideas all of the web, so explore and create something as personal to you as your wedding itself.

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