Thursday 28 May 2015


- can move faster than you think, especially when your back is turned
- take forever to eat cereal
- won't stay still for you to wipe their bums (haha!)
- learn how to be cheeky
-  learn how to tug on those heart strings from a young age
- have SO much energy from the minute they wake up
- can be very dramatic
- can very loving and affectionate
- constantly want something to do
- don't understand hangovers
- can be so loud out in public 
- can be hard work
- can make the biggest mess in 0.2 seconds
- always say the wrong thing at the wrong time that embarrasses you 
- learn a new phrase and use it as their answer for everything, wether it makes sense or not!
- obsess over Kinder eggs!
- 'sing' at the top of their voice, more like a scream
- are like a sponge and soak up everything you do and say, even if you think they aren't watching or listening,
- are so much fun!!

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