Wednesday 27 May 2015

5 ways to surprise your kids on a budget!

Has your child or children done something lately that has made you glow with pride? Do you want to reward them with something that will make him or her scream with glee but you are short for cash?  Below are great ways you can surprise your children without breaking the bank. 
Make your child or children a trophy out of their favourite sweets such as jelly beans or marshmallows, or if you want to keep things healthier make the trophy out of fruit. Tell your son or daughter that it’s an award for making mummy and/or daddy proud. Your child will be surprised and excited, and it will motivate them to make you proud again.

Take your children on a short weekend away to Southport, but don’t tell them until the weekend that you go. Send your kids to school on a regular Friday -- then pick them up with the car packed and ready to set off on a fun adventure.  UkBreakaways offer great deals at really good prices for Pontins. There are so many exciting things to do while you are there including crazy golf, table tennis, Go Karting etc. There are also some fantastic attractions nearby such as Knowsley Safari Park. It doesn’t end there as grownups can have a great time too; there are many pubs around as well as the fun factory show bar where entertainment is on every evening. 

Invent a backwards day with your kids. Make certain rules such as you have to walk everywhere backwards, have tea for breakfast and have dessert before the main course. Put your clothes on backwards and instead of saying good morning, say good night. It’s a game that will create lots of giggles and they’ll be boasting about it on Monday morning at school to all their friends. 

There aren’t many children who don’t love ice cream so why not set up a “make your own sundae” bar in your kitchen.  It’ll be a lovely surprise when they get in from school, and they’ll be so excited when they see everything set out and ready. Make sure you have plenty of toppings for the ice cream sundae such as milky buttons, chocolate and strawberry sauce sprinkles and whipped cream etc.  However, be prepared for very hyper children once the sugar rush kicks in. 

Instead of immediately making your children do their homework when they come in, set up a treasure hunt and give them a map that will guide them to the treasure. Set up clues on the way that have a packet of sweets accompanying them. You could even dress the kids up as parents to really get into the spirit. The treasure could be a toy they’ve been asking for a while or to have their dinner out at their favourite restaurant. 

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