Saturday 23 May 2015

Sienna's words #3

'Don't look at me Mummy, I'm just doing stuff' ('stuff' is emptying the toy box.. that I asked her not to do) ;)


'I made you a coffee with two teabags Mummy'


Si: 'Ouch'
Me : 'What's the matter?'
Si: 'I hurt my ankle.. young lady, kiss it better please'


'Mummy, I'm going out on Saturday, with Nanny & Grampy, across the lakes' (Teenager already?!)


Me: 'Come here please Bugs'
Si: 'Why do you call me bugs?'
Me: 'Because that's the nickname I use for you'
Si: 'Oh....but I'm not Nick?!' (this one made me LOL out loud!)


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