Wednesday 13 May 2015

Konfidence when swimming

During our stay at Alton Towers, we tried and tested a few products from the fabulous Konfidence range as part of our #swimologist role. This is going to be my dedicated review on each of the products so read on to find out what we thought!

We didn't manage to get any good photos of the mat but you can see it in action at the beginning of the video. It was really handy for using on the floor for Sienna to stand on when getting her changed instead of the cold, unhygienic floor. I can imagine this would be brilliant for younger babies if you need to change nappies etc! It's chlorine resistant, easy to wash and easy to transport with the clever roll & go design. We will be rolling this up and taking it with us every time we go swimming or to a watermark from now on! 

Octonauts Kwazii Konfidence jacket

This was something I was excited to try and Sienna and I are not actually fans of arm bands that many people use. I find they keep slipping off and don't do the best job while Sienna finds them uncomfortable, digging in around her armpits and sides. The jacket was easy to put on, fitted well and kept Sienna afloat meaning she could walk and float around the pool without our help which for an independent little girl, was the best thing! I love the bright colour meaning Sienna stands out in even the busiest of pools and the removable eight-float system that allows buoyancy to be tailored to the child’s needs and ability. It's also suitable for use in outside pools or beaches as it offers 100% sun protection on all covered areas. I think it did a much better job than arm bands and I'd recommend them to anyone with a baby/child. Of course the Octonauts theme was appreciated by Sienna as well ;)

I wasn't sure if Sienna would keep these on but once she realised they stopped the water going in her eyes, she loved them and didn't want to take them off! Sienna is normally not a lover of the water going in her eyes, she hates the shower and having her hair washed in the bath but these goggles did a fantastic job. Sienna didn't once complain about any water getting in her eyes or anything and so was able to enjoy the waterfalls! They are suitable for ages 18 months- 6 years just by adjusting the size. They were the perfect size for her little face and she said she could see clearly. It was easy to adjust the size to make them comfortable for her, I'm glad they will last a good few years!

Poncho Towel

Lastly, we had the Poncho towel to try out. These are 100% soft cotton towelling so great for getting little, sensitive skin dry and warm after being in the water. We used Sienna's while having lunch and it was perfect, it kept her warm and dry but was easy to take off when she wanted to dive back in. It also stayed on unlike wrapping a towel round her would have. I love the subtle design of the white and pink detailing and the hood is a great addition too, especially for girls and all their hair ;) The open sides means they fit a range of ages so again this should last Sienna a good few years!

We were thoroughly impressed with everything we tried from Konfidence and are so proud to be #swimologists!

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