Thursday 14 May 2015

Bingo calls!

With over 100 million players worldwide, Bingo is no longer a game played only by your nan. Ok, going to a bingo hall while a strange man in a shiny suit shouts out the bingo calls may still just be only done by your nan. But the number of people playing bingo online is growing greatly everyday, with more and more players trying to clutch on to the excitement that is online bingo. 

If we take a step back, bingo is a game that has amazingly been able to stride the wave of technological change and come out on the other side better off. Other of our grandparents old hobbies back in the day have not been so lucky though.

Knitting for example, used to be done by almost half the population back in the day, proving to be a fun past time as well as having a useful outcome at the end, in the form of a jumper/scarf. Nowadays knitting is only done by the elderly, and quirky youngsters looking to start a new trend. Maybe it’s because we have too many distractions in the world today, such as the TV, Netflix and Dance music. I imagine knitting to classical and relaxing music to be quite satisfying, but i don’t see dance music and knitting having the same combination. I think you’d just get nervous shakes, making the knitting nigh impossible!

Afternoon Tea is another old school popular past time that has been struggling recently. Adults these days rarely get together to enjoy some tea and scones (pronounced scowns) which is a dying shame. Now when people want to chat they just send a quick facebook message or text, and in emergencies make a phone call. Its so less personal though, you could be talking to a robot and you wouldn't know the difference (maybe we are..). People are just too busy today to get together in person for only tea, they can only get together over dinner, drinks and cocaine if you’re a banker. 

Anyway, for a throw back into the old bingo calls, here’s a fun infographic provided by Best Offers Bingo that shows the most famous and popular calls. Impress your nan today with what you learn. 

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