Monday 4 May 2015

Alton Towers day 1; the Waterpark!

You may have seen on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that we set off for Alton Towers on Thursday as Konfidence Swimologists. Konfidence sent us some of their swimming products for Sienna to try out so we headed straight to the Waterpark when we got there. Sienna was very excited, she had been swimming a few times before and loved it but never to anything like this.

alton towers review waterpark

The park was amazing, there were rapids with swimming rings, waterfalls, buckets, floats, a baby/kids area with slides and water toys, water coaster, and a bay just to laze about and play in! We had the best day ever and I'm a total water park convert ;) 

We spent hours in there and had lunch there in between as well. Sienna actually cried when we said we had to get out bless her, she would had stayed forever if she could! A full review of the Konfidence products will be coming soon so look out for that!

alton towers enchanted lodge review

After the Waterpark we checked into our accommodation; we stayed in one of the new Woodland lodges in the Enchanted Village and it was gorgeous! A lovely setting and the lodges themselves were cute but spacious and had nice little touches... our favourite being the Little Fable Folk's doorway and window, complete with light. Sienna loved trying to talk to them to get them to come out ;) 

alton towers Flambo's exotic feast review

In the evening, we went to the Flambo's Exotic Feast restaurant which is actually in the Splash landings hotel and is an all you can eat buffet. Unlimited chocolate fondue was a hit ;) We had a little drink at the bar while Sienna explored the evening entertainment but we soon headed back for an early night as we were all exhausted, especially Sienna! 

Our first day was so fab, I think it was my most favourite family day to date! See our vlog of the day below!

Part 2 coming soon ;)

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