Tuesday 14 April 2015

Sienna's words #1

Warren: 'Sienna, are you drunk?'

Si: 'Yeah, drunk in love!'


 (Pointing at the world's smallest beetle in the garden) 'Mummy it's a pet!'


'Mummy, I'm your little blonde Elsa, Call me Queen Elsa'


(Looking the tuperware cupboard) 'Hmm, I found Anna, but I can't find Kristoff or Prince Hans'


Me: Sienna did you open my post?

Si: I did!

Me: What did it say?

Si: It said we need to buy some kinder eggs!


'My bedroom is all wooden, now I will never draw all over it' (no idea!)


(After shouting a few lines of frozen) 'Sorry, I'm so crazy!'


Me: Sienna, please don't say that (giving a stern face & raising my eyebrows)

Si: Mummy, don't make that face I don't like it, make a happy face please


'I'm very busy, I'm just doing my shopping.. I'll give you your keys back later ok?'

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