Wednesday 15 April 2015

Clean eating made easy with Protein Pouch

When you lead a busy life, clean eating can sometimes feel like a chore and be a little time consuming. It's all too easy to grab the not-so-clean 'quick' foods. Protein Pouch are one of the brands that recognise this and therefore offer healthy, nutritious yet convenient food.

We were kindly sent a package of their foods to try. We received the Chicken breast (whole & sliced), Kale, Carrot & parsnip, Red mash, Sweet potato wedges, Asparagus, Orange mash and Original mash. They all made from only whole food with naturally occurring goodness and are frozen to keep all that goodness in. They also have no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. They are all packed in suitable portion sizes and in a oven/microwaveable tray to make them even more convenient which is fab!

We have had a few meals with these so far and love them. It is so quick and convenient and they taste SO good, you can really tell they have kept their goodness in, they are full of flavour. One of our best meals was pictured below, yum!

(Chicken breast, Kale, Asparagus and Orange mash)

As well as frozen items, they also offer some fresh chicken pouches too; They do a plain and also Sweet chilli & lime, Lemon & pepper & Southern BBQ. We got the Sweet chilli & lime and the Lemon & pepper. Again they are so flavourful and the chicken was delicious, you can tell it is quality poultry. They are also a great size so we had plenty of leftovers for salads, yum! Paired with brown rice and steamed veg we had a quick, convenient, balanced meal.

We were really impressed with the range and how delicious it was. The chicken is a little bit pricier but you are paying for the best quality chicken with no additives and the convenience of it already being cooked and frozen for you. We thought the price point of the veg and sides were fab though. Overall, we would highly recommend Protein Pouch if you're dedicated to eating clean and healthy but you are just too busy to prepare your own food.

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