Sunday 15 March 2015

Why isn't your exercise routine working?

When you stick to a workout routine and work hard, you expect to see results. Well, what if nothing changes? It is horrible when you feel as though you're working super hard at the gym (or in your home gym like me) and getting nowhere fast. Your body shape won't change overnight... it takes time to lose weight and tone up, and so you must not expect magical results straight away. If you feel as though your exercise regime should be working, here are some things that might be holding you back from seeing those results you want. 

You have no stamina

If you lack stamina, it means that you will not give every workout your all. You want to get the most out of every gym session, and that means that you need to work extra hard when you are there. There are some simple ways you can improve your stamina. For example, studies suggest that drinking chaga tea before a workout can help. Failing that, you need to find something that motivates you. Don't focus on the pain of the workout; focus on the results. 

You're exercising at the wrong time

There are particular times of day when exercise will be more effective than others. For example, if you try to start running right after you have eaten, you will feel sluggish and sleepy. The best time to start a workout is first thing in the morning. You might not feel like running around when you get up, but it will do you the world of good if you do. If you get your blood pumping first thing in the morning, you will burn loads of calories.

You eat too much after workouts

How much do you tend to eat after a workout? When you have exerted loads of energy, you might feel as though you are starving. Many people find that they want a massive meal after they have done any exercise. You should ignore that feeling. You do need to eat after your workout, of course, but you need to be smart about what you eat. Have some meat or lentils so that you get the protein your body needs to build muscles. Avoid eating carbs after you have exercised as you won't burn them off. 

You don't stick to a routine 

If you don't have one routine that you stick to, you could find that you don't see any results. For the best outcome, you need to make sure that you stick to a rigid routine. You should see a fitness expert and explain to them what you want to achieve from your workouts. If you hope to lose weight, you need to be honest about that. If you just want to tone up, you should tell the instructor that as well. He or she will help you to create a regime that suits you. Remember, different exercises do different things, and so you need to know what you want to achieve before you start. 

You have the wrong equipment 

If you tend to workout at home, you need to have the right equipment. If you try to complete routines when you don't have any tools, you will find that it is impossible. If you tend to practice yoga, you need to have a proper fitness mat. If you want to build muscle, you need to have the right weights. You have to invest money in your fitness routine if you want it to work. It is that simple. 

If you change these things, you will find that your routine works well for you and that you get much more done during a workout. After all, if you're putting the effort in, you deserve to see results!

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