Saturday 28 March 2015

Pre-school learning; Simple letter matching!

Sienna is getting the hang of her alphabet and letters even more now, especially since she is at playgroup. I'm a big believer in encouraging your kids at home and not just leaving it to schools (such as Preshil) so I try to include some learning most days but I do it in a fun way so she doesn't feel like she is 'at school'. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a really simple idea but of course, educational. Toddlers do still have a short attention span so 10 minutes is long enough but still so worth it.

All you need is some flashcards with words or letters on, some wooden pegs and a pen! 
Simply find the words you want to use and put each letter on a peg. Put them in a line but not in order and choose one card at a time to work with. Sound out the letters to spell the word and then ask your pre-schooler to match up the letters by putting the peg on the card above it's matching letter. 

This activity helps with their literacy and spelling but also their fine motor skills when using the pegs and clipping them onto the card. 

Happy matching!

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