Sunday 29 March 2015

Packing for glamping + healthy travel snacks

Yesterday was spent mainly packing for our glamping trip! We are only going for 2 nights down to Cornwall, but we still need to take a lot of supplies such as cups, plates, food, washing bits, duvet, towels etc so I wanted to get organised so we (hopefully) don't forget anything!

I'm taking my new Wanderlust zebra travel bag from Flamingo Gifts that I'm in love with! I adore the fun animal print of it and the tropical colours. The dark brown trim looks lovely as well and I love the contrast of the detachable stripy long strap. It's a brilliant size as well, perfect for weekends or little breaks like this. I have managed to get all of mine and Sienna's things in there including our towels and wash bags.

In the car and for exploring, we'll be taking our Ohyo water bottles. I'm normally bad at drinking water when travelling as I hate carrying the empty bottles around when I'm finished but these 'collapsabottles' are the perfect solution to that. They're available in 1000ml or 500ml and an array of bright colours. When they are empty they simply collapse down so they can fit into a pocket or bag and not take up much room. They're also dishwasher safe and BPA free.. we think they're brilliant! The only thing to note is they aren't aimed at toddlers so they aren't spill-proof.. they're best off with the grown ups!

Sienna will have her cup with some squash in and I also have a few cartons of flavoured coconut water for her. Of course, we are taking lots of healthy snacks/food too! We do have a microwave, kettle and fridge/freezer in our little wigwam so we're not too restricted which is good. For breakfasts we're taking eggs to scramble, fruit and just-add-hot-water oats with nut butters. 

For snacks, I have yogurt covered rice cakes, nature valley almond bars, humzingers fruit sticks (mainly for Sienna), Apple & almond butter and some smokehouse almonds. I'm also taking things like bread sticks and quavers for Sienna's lunches or more snacks.. we love our snacks!  

We're going to see how big our fridge is when we get there and what the weather is like before we decided on what to do for dinners. We have a BBQ but that won't be much good if it's raining so we might be eating out both days for lunch/dinner!

We have never been glamping before but are looking forward to the experience, it should be fun and I'm sure we'll make some great family memories!

Have you been glamping? Any last minute tips?

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