Monday 23 February 2015

Budget home storage ideas!

Our home is something I am constantly trying to 'get right' and have the way I want and we all know I'm always banging on about adding more storage but it can become expensive. I would love to go for quality pieces of furniture from the likes of Multiyork (we're in desperate need of a new chest of drawers) however the wedding fund is priority. I'd also love to get some bi-folding doors but that will have to wait until we own our house. Some people use a loan to do up their house (loan calculator here if you're on the market for one!), however we want to try and avoid loans if possible.

Pinterest is a wonderful thing and while searching home storage ideas, I found some easy, cheap ideas that would transform the home that I just hadn't thought about! I thought I'd share it as a post because I know we all love a bargain and what woman doesn't want an excuse to shop?!

Add a shelf above the bathroom door... 

Such a fab idea for storing towels and extra toilet rolls! 

Add hanging baskets to the wall..

I love wicker baskets but had never thought about hanging them! This looks so good and is practical, I love it :)

Use a stationary file to house cling film, foil etc.

I love this one but do worry about damaging the doors as we don't own our home! 

Add a shelf to the toilet roll...

This one is so simple but just adds that bit more storage for a little candle & some books, so cute & different but again, practical!

Which idea is your favourite? 
+ Do you have one to add?

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