Monday 2 February 2015

A good day!

Happy Monday! Today's been such a good day, I've been full of beans and Sienna has been such a good girl, that always makes for a good day! This morning we got up and did the dreaded grocery shop.. I forgot to order it online Friday night so had to go. Keeping Sienna occupied is normally a big task but I admit today I age her my phone with the 'painting app' and she was good as gold, phew! 

When we got home it was lunch then nap time! For lunch I had a yummy soup from Waitrose.. Chicken and vegetable broth with peas and spinach. On the side I had a chia and oat crisp bread from Aldi.. they are really nice considering I'm not usually one for cracker type things! 

While Sienna napped I did the most exciting thing.. actually bought my wedding dress! I found it on Saturday and knew it was the one but I did want a few days to think about it calmly and look back at the pictures just to be sure. I was still sure today so finally made it mine, woo! I think that's why I've been so happy and full of energy today.. the excitement! 

When Sienna woke she was requesting painting, play dough and colouring so that's exactly what she did. I'm loving her creative side, she's getting really good at colouring within the lines of her colouring book too and loves stamping. We are building quite the collection in our kitchen of her artwork ;)

We use the Bic Kids washable felt tips as Sienna does like to draw on her hands too! These are great and are actually washable unlike some others we have tried!

As she was being so good sat at the table I decided to squeeze in a little workout. She was strapped in her highchair so I knew she was safe and I did in in the kitchen so I could still speak to her and I didn't leave her on her own! I always make sure I keep talking to her and still take an interest in what she's doing.. talk about multi tasking ;) 

I then got on with making dinner before Warren got home & we ate. I have a few new additions to my kitchen that I love!

My last chopping board split so this heart olive wood one makes the perfect replacement! I always go for shaped chopping boards as they just add a bit more fun to the kitchen. If you're other half loves cooking this would make a cute but practical gift for Valentines day! 

I also got this set of 3 Kilner jars, they're perfect for storing flours and ingredients in so are practical but they're also stylish and cute. I love the way Kilner and mason jars look, I'm building up quite a collection! 

Now I'm just relaxing watching Hollyoaks, eating brownie bites and I'm about to do my gel nails! Perfect end to a great day! 

PS. My recent eats video went live today!

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