Sunday 4 January 2015

The post-Christmas deep clean

I'm always the first one asking if we can put the Christmas decorations up but I'm also the first one asking to take them down. Having all the decs up looks festive and fun for a few days but after that I feel like it looks cluttered and I can't wait to get it down. I like having everything back in it's place and giving the house a much needed clean after the neglect of housework over the Christmas break. I have stocked up on my cleaning products from Waitrose as nearly everything was half price and I also really need to drag the Rugdoctor out and give our carpets a good clean.

We have cream carpet throughout the whole house (even the bathrooms!) and it drives me crazy! It's impossible to keep clean and always looks grubby to me. Ideally, we would swap it all for Engineered wood flooring or Solid wood flooring as it's much more practical and I love the way it looks too but as we rent we aren't able too! Boo! I will just have to keep cleaning it every now and then with the Rugdoctor and ban Warren and Sienna from the house... joke, obviously ;) I also need to get a cleaning routine in place to help me keep on top of the housework during the week!

Do you do a post-Christmas clean or wait until the big Spring clean? Do you have a cleaning routine?
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