Monday 19 January 2015

Our Weekend

This weekend has been another quiet one as Warren started football again so Sienna and I tend to stay at home on Saturday's while he's out. I started my Saturday off with my healthy pancakes served with almond butter and blueberries, find the recipe here. Sienna and I then spent the day playing.. she got a  plaster mould and paint kit for Christmas so we dug that out and made them. She loved it and we were painting all day! She was covered in paint when we finished so I decided to bath her before Warren got home and let her use a bath bomb as a little treat! 

When Warren gets home we always make time for family time after dinner/before Sienna's bed time. Just a little half an hour of family snuggles on the sofa is so nice! Warren and I then watched 'Cyberbully'.. it was so good! 

On Sunday, we headed out to Pizza hut as a little treat to check out their new menu. Sienna got stuck in to colouring while we scoped out the huge menu and munched on some salad.

I spotted the 500 calorie pizzas so of course I had one of those, you know me! I got the gluten free base to try and it was delicious.. the whole pizza (chicken delight) was good and presentation was super pretty too! 

Warren had the Texas meat meltdown with stuffed crust based and got some chips and chicken bites too. His was really good too.. when we were driving home he actually said 'I've never rated pizza hut before but after that, it has gone up in my estimations'.. high praise indeed! 

Sienna got the kids ham and sweetcorn pizza but she has been a bit ill lately so just picked at it! For dessert, Warren got the banana and maple waffles and I just got an Americano (love the mug!), I was so full from my pizza! Of course, Sienna shared some of daddy's waffle ;) 

It was a lovely family lunch out and when we got home we just had some time with Sienna doing puzzles and playing with baby Annabell before she went to bed! In the evening Warren and I actually spent a bit of time searching for houses! We were thinking of downsizing to a 2 bed as we know we don't want another baby for a few years and it would help us save a bit easier for the wedding. Of course, I then got carried away looking at bedrooms, my favourite one I found was this one from Hammonds! I love the rustic beams and headboards mixed with the more modern doors of the cupboard. I'm not usually a fan of white but something about this drew me in!

As always the weekend went wayyyyy too fast and I can't wait for next weekend already! ;) 

What did you get up too this weekend? 

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