Saturday 17 January 2015

Kitchen inspiration // Red

red kitchen

I have always loved red for kitchens and I think it stems from my childhood. I remember when I was really young my mum had red for her kitchen.. red pans will forever remind me of our first childhood home and kitchen. I picked these items above that would easily transform a kitchen into a red theme kitchen but without being too much. By keeping everything else neutral it would still look chic. I love the tea towels as they add a bit of pattern to the theme but again none of them are too bold. A chalkboard is a must have for me in my kitchen and this one is super cute! Speaking of cute... the sausage dog mugs are just too cool, I might have to get them anyway! The Husky retro fridge is a great way to get the colour in and I love how this is a under the counter fridge.. a lot of the min fridge are just standard white ones and you miss out on the modern looking fridges!

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