Wednesday 21 January 2015

NEW IN // Home Decor

We've had a few new additions to our home lately so I thought I'd share this post to show you. We are slowing up on the house a bit as we are focusing on saving every penny for the wedding. There's so many things I want for the house including a tumble dryer.. We have a washer/dryer and an airer but I still struggle to keep up with the washing in Winter! At least if I had a tumble dryer I could wash and dry at the same time! We would also loooove more wardrobe storage.. half of my clothes are in Sienna's wardrobe as I have no room and we have shoes here there and everywhere! 

First up, we have our new coffee table! This is the Corona coffee table from Wayfair.. I love that it matches our Corona sideboard, we finally have 2 pieces of matching furniture in our home! haha! Like I've said before, we need all new furniture in our house but it is an expensive process so will be very slow! I love the rustic looking style of the corona and the details of the black hardware and detailed legs. Also having the little drawer in it is handy as we need all the storage we can get! Although Sienna already claimed the drawers for her toys ;)

Talking of storage, I have gone basket mad and have baskets all over the house! These are my new soft rush lidded baskets* from The Basket Company and are so handy for storing bits and bobs. I haven't worked out where I'm going to put these yet but probably in the office when we have sorted it out. They're actually a great size for storing paper work and letters so that's probably how I will use them.

Another addition to our living room is a new mirror. Don't get me wrong, I did absolutely love our Driftwood mirror but I just didn't think it was big enough. Our living room is quite big and I felt we needed something longer. This one I found in Homesense and fell in love instantly! Again it's the rustic style that I love.. it looks like it's made from an old window or door still with the hinges and bolt on.. I love it! I did um and ah about it but I'm so glad I got it in the end! It's perfect :) It was the first time I had been to Homesense actually and I was really impressed with the range and the prices! I will definitely be back at some point in the future.. (maybe after the wedding!).

What's your favourite item we got? 

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