Tuesday 20 January 2015

Learning to balance work & life // What I've been doing!

One of my goals for this year is to try to relax a little, be less stressed and have more patience.. I need more a balance. I wasn't sure how I was going to go about this as I was always stressed and always had so much to do... I never felt like I had time to relax, even in the evenings. 

The one thing I did immediately was cut back on my work. Of course, I still need an income so I can't stop it altogether (nor do I want too!) but I also had to realise that I don't have to except everything offer thrown at me, especially if I don't have time to do it. I would often except copious amounts of review items every week and then be snowed under with products I have to photograph and review.. some of them only worth a few pounds or things I didn't even really want. It wasn't worth my time or stress! This has helped massively in lightening up my work load and keeping my stress levels down. 

The next thing I did was start doing Yoga. No classes or anything like that, I just found a few Yoga videos on YouTube (mainly by ToneItUp) and I try to do one at least once a week. It really is calming and relaxing even though it is technically exercise.. I'm really liking it so far! 

One thing I have found really helpful is my Lumie Bodyclock Iris. This Bodyclock has been so beneficial for getting me up and out of bed in the mornings and feeling more awake and refreshed so I can get things done. The light is a natural light and I have it set to slowly get brighter to wake me more naturally. I also use a lemon oil in the mornings to really wake me up. At night, using the sunset setting with lavender oil is so relaxing and the best way to get a good nights sleep. I highly recommend this if you're not a morning person and still don't feel refreshed when you wake up or if you find it hard to switch off and go to sleep! It's a must have for me now.

One thing that's also helped me is cutting down to one cup of coffee a day. Even though I never used to drink it later than 2 or 3pm, I still think it affected my sleep and some nights I'd be awake for hours after going to bed as my brain wouldn't switch off. Since only having one or two coffees in the morning, I'm so ready for bed at night and once I get into bed, I'm out like a light and get a much better night sleep resulting in not being tired the next day and being lazy!

How do you balance your work/life?

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