Thursday 1 January 2015

Me & Mine December 2014

A little late on this one but I wanted to link up. This is from Christmas morning, as you can see Sienna didn't really want to smile, she was too excited about her new toys which I'm sure any 2 year old would be! This is the nicest photo we got before my camera broke.. boo! From now on there will only be iPhone pictures as I can't afford to replace my camera what with saving for the wedding but never mind.

This one is a very grainy, dark, pretty rubbish picture really but I wanted to include it as it's our last family photo from 2014! This was last night, New Years Eve and we wanted to get Rocco in so he is sitting there in the background with his candle lit next to him. This isn't the family photo we had pictured at the end of 2014 but everything happens for a reason and it means we still have the whole excitement of a new baby to come in a few years.

I haven't been very consistent with this years me and mine link but I hope to stick to it next year every month!

dear beautiful

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