Sunday 21 December 2014

My Beaverbrooks Christmas Hint List..

To Warren...


Christmas is so close now and Beaverbrooks have been feeling very generous and have an amazing giveaway going on! The prize is to win £500 to spend in your local Beaverbrooks store! All you have to do to enter is create a card like I have done that hints to your loved ones what you would like from Beaverbrooks for Christmas. Then leave it somewhere they are likely to find it and make sure you use the #hintlist hashtag. You can enter via Twitter or Facebook, to See more about the competition here.
My choice would be this gorgeous bracelet above which is the Silver cubic zirconia bracelet. We all know I love Silver and I have some chunkier bracelets with charms on etc. but I have nothing pretty and dainty like this. I think it will look stunning and could possible even be a nice piece to wear for our wedding if I look after it until then! 

hint hint ;)

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