Thursday 6 November 2014

How to revamp your wardrobe

Have you ever felt like something is a little off with some of your favorite outfits and clothes?  Maybe your usual garb doesn’t seem to look as stylish as they used to, and somehow everything your friends and co-workers wear seems to be on-point.  The feelings you have are all a part of growing up, but unfortunately your wardrobe needs to be able to grow up with you.  “Dressing your age” has become such a meaningless saying, especially when it seems like nobody around you is even “acting their age.”  We go from being teens, to twenty-somethings, to young professionals in the blink of an eye, and if you aren’t careful your wardrobe can get stuck in your college and teen years.  If you’re ready to dress your age, and still retain some of your personal style, follow these tips when you’re planning your next outfit.

Toss your ratty shoes
Once you reach a certain age, beat up old shoes and ratty Converses shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near your closet.  There’s nothing wrong with having a beat up pair of shoes for when you’re running errands or doing some house work, but you need to start every day with a nice pair looking for of footwear.  If you’re on your feet a lot for work find some comfortable and stylish shoes you can wear with ease, and improve your comfort levels by slipping in some gel pads.  Also be sure to have some heels you can easily walk in.  Nothing looks less stylish than seeing someone try to balance themselves in heels they can barely wear.

Choose fitted shirts
We all have a few concert shirts that we’ll never get rid of, and a few choice t-shirts for when you’re lounging around the house.  As you get older, you’ll find that you feel a bit more awkward if you go out somewhere in a plain old t-shirt.  Get rid of any shirt that has a boxy cut from your wardrobe, and look for shirts that have some definition to them.  A cinched waist, banded neckline, or draped neckline can instantly age and class up any outfit.

Banish your hoodies (when you’re out)
We already know what you’re thinking, you’re never going to give up you favorite hoodies and pull-overs.  Hoodies and warm pull-overs are great for when you’re lounging around the house or running out for a quick errand, but they have no place in an adult wardrobe.  Blazers and jackets are way more stylish than any hoodie or sweatshirt, and they can be thrown on with just as much ease.  Resist the urge to throw one on when you’re running out of the house, and make sure that you always reach for your jacket.

Look for versatile dresses
Open up your closet, and take note of your dress section.  Do you see a lot of tight party dresses that you’ve only worn for one night out?  Do you have a row of “special occasion” dresses that you’ll never wear again? If your dresses seem to be a little too “occasion specific”, it’s time for you to start shopping for dresses you can easily wear for a night on the town or a day at work.  Look for simple things you can easily dress up or dress down with the right accessories.

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