Wednesday 5 November 2014

A.B.C…. learning the alphabet

Now Sienna is approaching two years old (on Saturday..eek!) We have started teaching her the alphabet and getting her to recognise letters and emphasising the phonics. Toddlers are like sponges and she has really taken in so much information just from us telling her, but there's a few products that have really helped.

This Personalised Alphabet book from Getting personal is gorgeous. The illustrations are brilliant and Sienna loves the fact it has her name on it and loves it when we say her name throughout reading the book. I think it makes her feel special and it really keeps her attention because she keeps hearing her name. The letters/words are big and clear for her to point at and it flows really well to the end of the alphabet. It would be such a lovely Christmas gift for a toddler or pre schooler who is working on their alphabet! 

This is the Leapfrog LeapReader Junior and Mickey's ABC friends book. If you haven't heard of the LeapReader, it is aimed at 1-3 year olds and helps build pre schooler skills. Sienna has the Violet version but you can also choose Scout. When you hold the LeapReader on the page over a picture or letter, it will say what that letter is, ask you to find something beginning with that letter or sing the alphabet. Once set up, it is so easy to use, Sienna can easily sit with it herself and go through the whole book. It's more of a fun way of learning for her and she tends to pick things up quicker that way. I'd definitely recommend this, I'd say it's probably one of the best learning toys/devices that Sienna has and we will be getting her more books to go with it.

Alongside these we also use the foam alphabet letters in the bath and her Alphabet blocks.

What did/do you use to teach the alphabet?

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