Wednesday 12 November 2014

Giving fashion the personal touch

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It’s one thing to shop for clothes, especially during sale season, and another to make sure you don’t turn out looking like everyone else. The problem with having store-bought clothes is that, one time or another; you’re bound to come face-to-face with someone who has the same clothes as you, down to your shoes. 

You may have good fashion sense, but if you happen to look exactly like that other person on the train or in the office, then you’ll just fade into the crowd of other trendy people.

Despair not, as you can be trendy and unique at the same time—it’s just a matter of adding your personal touch! Adding your own enhancements and accessories to your outfit can instantly turn you from a walking clone of store models to YOU.

Here are some great fashion ideas you can do to let your personality shine through:

Sew your own clothes and modify old ones

Nothing says “unique” and “personal touch” more than making your own clothes. It may take up a lot of time and practice, but it’s immensely satisfying to know that the skirt or blouse you have is yours and fits you perfectly, and that no one else in the world has one like it. To ease your way into making your own outfits, begin by modifying old items of clothing that you don’t wear anymore for one reason or another. You may have a dress that’s just the right length but with outdated puffy sleeves, or a pair of jeans that still fits but the cut just doesn’t—well, cut it—anymore. Get your scissors and trusty sewing kit, do some slashing, and make things right.

Mix the old with the new

It’s fun to mix and match clothes, especially if you have an eye for style and color. Layer it up! Mix the current trend with a favorite clothing item and make the trend your own. The more you throw your personal touch into your outfit, the less chances you’ll have of bumping into a mirror image of yourself. 

Add your own trimmings

There’s no rule against modifying store-bought clothes, especially if your eye for fashion thinks something better—and more personal—can be done. One of the things you can do to let you personality seep into your style is to find and use your own trimmings. If you have a bit of lace or some ribbons, sew it on a plain dress and breathe new life into it. Random, quirky-looking buttons can make a generic-looking coat unique. You may have a jacket that hundreds of others also have, but if you change the buttons, the cufflinks, and add a classy monogram, then you’ve made it all yours. 

Accessorize with personalized items

Accessories add oomph to any outfit and reflect your own personal style. An all-too-common turtleneck shirt, when paired with necklaces with large beads, can look playful and bohemian. Paired with a gold or silver chain and a pendant with your name on it gives you a classy look, take for example a personalized bar necklace. You can also wear monogrammed brooches and bracelets with charms you picked out yourself for a unique flair. Bags and clutches with personalized nameplates add a sophisticated feel to your overall look.

With these tips, you will surely be in a class of your own. Avoid blending into the background and stand out with your personal touch!
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