Wednesday 12 November 2014

Activities for rainy days

With this rainy weather that has set in lately, I've been searching the internet for rainy day activities that Sienna will enjoy. She gets bored of the usual reading and drawing so I have had to get more creative and look for the not obvious options.

Dressing up is always a winner.. She has a few dress up items but most of the time I just get a box and put a few bits of mine in. Some bangles, necklaces, shoes and tops usually do the trick, we sit for ages as she puts together new outfits and pretends she is Mummy or a Princess. It's also teaching them how to dress as well, I really encourage her to put the items on herself. She can actually put her own pants, socks, t-shirts and skirts on so it definitely helps her!

Recently she has been very into putting on a 'show'. She will stand in the middle of the room and sing a song, when she has finished she just says 'Clap!' and we have to clap, then she will move onto the next song. She has so much fun doing it!

A variation we do on that is actually putting on a cd of nursery rhymes and acting out the actions. I try to remember the words and actions and she copies along, we also have a lot of fun doing this and it's a good way to get the TV off but them not be bored just playing! You can even get some musical instruments going and make-up your own songs.

Lastly if she is really bored and nothing is cutting it, a rainy walk is always fun. I normally take the pram incase she gets tired but I do get her out, all bundled up in waterproofs and she can splash in the puddles and play with the leaves. The bonus about this is she gets a lot of fresh air and can run her energy off so when we get back, she normally has a long nap!

What do you do on rainy days?

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