Monday 20 October 2014

Your psychic reading: Telephone vs. face to face

*PR Collaboration by Kathy Reyes. Kathy Reyes has turned to psychics many times over the years for help with life. An avid blogger, she enjoys writing about what she has learned, so she can help others online. 

You’ve been going to psychics for years, and you just can’t get over the fact that many of them are now switching to phone consultations. Does that even make sense? Well, according to some psychics, it does. There’s a few reasons to believe that phone consults are at least as good as personal, face-to-face meets. But, before you decide, consider the following:


Face-to-face physic readings have the major benefit of you being able to speak directly with the person giving you the reading. A lot of psychics can read your body language, which means being there in person gives you the benefit of actually being able to look at and touch your psychic. 

That’s something a lot of people still value, and something many people still believe helps. Some just like the atmosphere, and that’s a benefit in and of itself. 

Now for the bad news. Getting a psychic reading in person doesn’t afford you a lot of legal protection. For instance, let’s say you walk into one of those seedy outfits on the side of the road. It’s mysterious, for sure. But, if you’re not satisfied, what assurances can you get that you’ll get a refund. 

Surprisingly, not many. Most of the small psychics out there don’t offer a guarantee. And, even if they do, there’s no real way to enforce it. Psychic readings are considered “entertainment,” meaning if you pay then you’ve received the service and usually aren’t entitled to a refund. 

Over The Phone

Getting a reading over the phone, from companies like TheCircle Psychics, carries a lot less risk than it used to. Today’s phone psychics are highly regulated and most of the time you’re paying with a credit card, so there’s inherent protection if you’re unsatisfied. 

You can also choose from multiple psychics if you just want to “play the field” and find someone you’re compatible with. And, all phone psychics know how to “read” you without you even having to be there. So, there’s very little risk that you’ll be unsatisfied with the reading. 

Plus, because you’re not dealing with just one psychic (usually, there’s a pool of psychics to choose from), you can choose one for tarot readings, one for consultations on the afterlife, and another for advice about your personal relationships and the future. 

The list of disadvantages to phone readings is a short one. There’s the fact that you can’t see the person you’re talking to - that seems to be a major disadvantage for some. You also don’t have the atmosphere that you have when you personally visit a psychic. Finally, there’s always the chance that you end up with someone on the phone who stalls just to make time on the phone (which racks up a bigger bill for you). 

This was a lot more common in the early 1990s and 2000s when phone psychic readings were still new. It’s not as common a practice anymore, but it’s still out there and something to watch out for. 

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