Thursday 9 October 2014

Winter breaks; What to do & where to go when it snows!

*In collaboration with Melinda Morrison. Melinda Morrison has been skiing since she could walk. When the weather isn't permitting, she likes to pick up her pen and write about the snow sport. You can find her interesting articles on many sporting and skiing blog sites online. 

The temperature has dropped and the snow has arrived. You've got bored of making snowmen and having snowball fights, and now it's just cold and dark—and winter has only just begun! What should you do to keep everyone happy? Here are some ideas on what to do and where to go to get through the winter and enjoy yourselves.

Go Somewhere Warm

If you are not a fan of the cold at all, escape the winter completely by planning a vacation to somewhere warm. Head somewhere like Florida, southern Texas, or Arizona and you can get your fix of sun even in the middle of winter. Alternatively, plan to go overseas. Head somewhere further south and you'll find all the sun you want.

Go Skiing

Skiing is the best way to have fun in the snow, so head to a ski resort and spend a week or two having a great time. There's no need to spend a fortune, and as long as you start planning early you can find the best deals. Go somewhere family friendly like Park City, and cut your costs further by staying in Park City rentals by owner rather than in a hotel.

Find Out About Fun Local Activities

There will probably be lots of activities in your local area that will make the winter more enjoyable. Look around for winter fairs, cold-weather activities like ice skating, and other special events that are put on during the winter months.

As well as special winter events, use the opportunity to find out about other local attractions in your area that you may not think much about during the summer. There could be some good museums and galleries for families, and now is the perfect time to explore them.

Head to a Theme Park

Winter can be a great time to go to a theme park, especially somewhere where the weather is a bit warmer like Orlando. You are likely to avoid the huge crowds of the summer months when you head so somewhere like Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Studios, and you'll find plenty to do to keep everyone happy.

Explore a National Park

National parks are often more popular in the summer months, but many of them are still open throughout the winter (even though not all areas may be accessible). There are some fantastic national parks in the United States, and because they are less crowded you can enjoy more space to yourself.

You could go somewhere like Yellowstone National Park, for example, which is incredibly beautiful. The geysers are spectacular in the winter, and the peacefulness is bliss. There are fewer lodging options available, but book early and you should be fine. You could also enjoy some winter activities like snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Make the Most of Winter

Don't let the cold stop you having fun in winter. If you are looking for things to do to keep everyone happy, these ideas are a good place to start. Look around your local area, or plan ahead before the arrival of the cold weather and book an escape to the sun. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your winter and don't let it get you down.

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