Sunday 5 October 2014

What we've been loving lately!

This gorgeous rabbit night light from Rex London, it seems Sienna is starting a collection of night lights! She seems to love them, they give a lovely calming glow to the room and make her feel safe and comforted. This one has an especially 'warm' glow about it and it looks adorable in her room! 

Sienna has been loving the new toddler snack range from Ella's Kitchen. They are made from real 'good' ingredients but in a fun, yummy way. Sienna's favourites are the tomatoes & fennel seeds cracker bites and the carrot & cumin multigrain nibbles! To find out more click here, #StandUpForGoodSnacks

Sienna isn't the only one whose been enjoying new snacks. I have been loving these paleo bars from The Primal Kitchen. They are made with 100% real food, are hand made and cold pressed and are gluten, grain, refined sugar, soya, dairy, GMO and vegetable oil free! They definitely fit the bill for 'clean eating' but are quick and easy to grab out the cupboard. The brazil nut and cherry bar tasted similar to fruit cake to me so it was definitely a winner with my sweet tooth! Love, love, love!

These are my new bowls from Culture Vulture Direct and how gorgeous are they?! They're a set of 4 mismatched ceramic bowls that have designs inspired by folk needlepoint and patchwork fabrics on. They have replaced my old bowls I had as these are much prettier. They are the perfect little bowls for peanut m&ms or some ice cream as a little weekend treat ;)

What have you been loving?

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