Thursday 4 September 2014

Weekend in London; Ant & Dec at the o2 and Karpo restaurant!

You may have seen that the weekend just gone, Warren and I headed to London. The main reason we were going was to see Ant and Dec live on tour at the o2! We were staying with Warren's sister as she lives in London so we headed off about 11am and went straight to hers to get ready for the evening. 

We had a bit of time before the gates opened so we went to Westfield to get Five Guys. I have seen Five Guys all over my Instagram for the past few months and it looked so good I couldn't wait to try it! To put it in short it's basically the best burger you have EVER had!

When we had survived the tubes we arrived at the o2 and had to find our way to our seats. I know it sounds silly but even though we had VIP tickets, I wasn't expecting to be in a suite! We were very surprised when we found out and we had an amazing view of the o2, it was brilliant!

We were sharing with a few other people, there were 2 other bloggers we met including the lovely Alex from Bump-to-baby. It was so lovely to meet her and her husband Adam as I feel we have been 'online' friends forever! We did have specific seats down at the front but we actually stayed at the bar as it was more comfortable for me and I didn't have to keep getting in people's way to go to the toilet! haha! The show was funny and a good laugh, being in VIP was a great experience too, we would definitely book a VIP suite if we were seeing someone who we really loved perform (might have to get my hands on some Alt J tickets!), it's definitely worth it! 

After the show we just went back to Staci's for some much needed rest, it had been a long day! Warren had a few more beers and a catch up with Staci and I got doing some blogging..I don't know where I'd be without my iPhone or Virgin media broadband. Sunday morning we woke up and got ready as we had a table booked at 12:30 at a restaurant called Karpo at Kings Cross. 

When we first arrived, I love the decor and laid back feel of the restaurant; they only serve brunch on the weekends so it is a more chilled out atmosphere than other restaurants can be. The decor was lovely and the lighting set a nice mood for a lazy Sunday brunch! It seemed very clean and modern which was great. I popped to the toilets to check them out and they were also very clean and modern, they had lots of room which was great. I also noticed they had extra seating upstairs which could seat big parties of people and had more space.

We ordered our drinks and food and shortly after it arrived. Staci and Warren both got the Steak and Alastair and I both got the Pork chop. We did find our food really nice however, I was a bit disappointed with the fact the Pork didn't come with any sides or anything. For £18, I would expect a little bit more personally then a pork chop with a bit of apple sauce and a celeriac coleslaw type thing. Warren and Staci's steak and chips was really nice and probably worth the £20. Having said this, we do realise we probably should have ordered a more 'brunch' style option. They had buttermilk pancakes with various toppings, cooked breakfasts, eggs royale etc. We seen a few of these dishes being bought out to other people and to be honest, they looked delicious and seemed much better value for money.
For dessert, Staci and I shared a cheese board while Alastair got the Chocolate mousse and Warren got the Lemon posset. These were really good again, made with delicious, quality ingredients. 

Although overall the food all tasted very good (compliments to the chef), we did feel it was a little overpriced and I wasn't impressed with the service either. One of the waitresses we had seemed very grumpy and almost like she couldn't really be bothered.. she also took empty plates away regardless of wether other people were eating or not, at one point I was the only one eating and everyone else's plates had been cleared. This is one of my pet hates, I find it quite rude. In my opinion, you should clear the table altogether at the end when everyone has finished. The other waitress we had was very cheery and helpful so that was good, she saved the day! With a bit of tweaking to the staffs attitude and service, it would greatly improve the restaurant as a whole. I think we would possibly go back but only to try the other Brunch options.

After we finished at Karpo, we headed to the nearest pub to watch the second half of the football and then we headed back home to reunited with Sienna! It was a tiring weekend for me but it was a lovely weekend too, I love a good weekend in London but I do love to come home, I couldn't live in London full time!

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