Monday 8 September 2014

The best surprise gift ideas to show how much you care

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If you want to surprise a loved one for a special occasion, or simply just to show them how much they’re loved, we’ve come up with some great gift ideas that are sure to surprise them. Regardless of your budget, you can ensure that your present has a great impact by getting a little clever with timing and DIY. Here are our ideas to get you inspired.

Flowers delivered to their home or work
There’s nothing better than getting to work to a beautiful bouquet on your desk especially for you. If you want a surprise gift quick and easily, you can even get a florist delivery on the same day you order them, with companies like Flowers Same Day too.

A subscription gift delivered to them
Subscription gifts are great as they are the gift that keeps on giving, and they have the same appeal as delivered flowers as they’ll be a surprise each time your loved one receives it. From magazine gift subscriptions to even weekly gifts of things like cakes and beauty supplies, there’s something for everyone.

The ‘prize candle’
We found this option when researching, and we have to say, we think its genius! They’re basically candles that have a hidden surprise or prize in them, in the form of a really pretty ring worth a variety of cost, and it also tells you how much it’s worth.

A night-in gift supply kit
Spoil your other half, best friend or family member to a night in on you for when they get in from work. Have a hamper of everything you’ll need for a great night together, from things like their favourite DVDs and CDs to pampering kits and scented candles. This will no doubt put a smile on their face after a long day at the office!

A night-out gift set
Similarly, if you’d like to surprise them by taking them out for the evening, you could leave them with something like a new outfit to get ready into and accessories, and tell them what time to be ready for. This is guaranteed to be a winner, especially if you haven’t had the chance to have a good night out together in a while.

Wall art that’s hanging for when they get home
Surprise them when they get home by having a photo or print hanging up for them in your home. As well as the artwork itself, they’ll no doubt appreciate how much work you’ll have gone to hang it up for them too.

A romantic gift treasure hunt
Treasure hunts can be so lovely and romantic. Leave clues for your loved one to follow to an ultimate end prize (if budget is slightly on the low side, a homemade romantic meal can work just as well). Really play on the romantic theme using things like rose petals, chocolates and scented candles along the way, and little sweet clues/messages for them to follow.

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