Friday 22 August 2014

World Breast Feeding survey results

You may have seen that it was World Breastfeeding Week recently and the aim of it is to raise awareness of the health benefits and provide support for people who want to breastfeed.

Benenden actually carried out a survey to look a bit more into breastfeeding in the UK and see how women feel about it. The survey was completed by 647 respondents during a one week period.

The interesting thing was that out of those who didn't actually breastfeed, only 16% of them said they chose formula feeding because it was more convenient. So what were the other reasons putting them off breastfeeding? 

A shocking 1 in 5 mums had experienced negativity about breastfeeding in public and in fact out of all the mums that had breastfed in public, only 57% of them said they felt comfortable about doing it. Surprisingly, it was 16% of women that said breastfeeding in public was unacceptable compared to 6% of men, this really shocked me! Surely women should understand a bit more? It is a very natural thing to do, to feed your baby, after all, that is what we have breasts for!

It seems that the elder generation are more against it as the biggest percentage of those that found it unacceptable were over 60. It was found that attitudes also varied depending on location, with most people experiencing negativity in the South West yet in Northern Ireland, only 2% were affected. 

There is still a lot of controversy around breastfeeding and doing so in public but should it still be this way? What are your views? 
I wouldn't bat an eyelid at someone breastfeeding in public.. it's the 21st century after all and I'm pretty sure I've seen more boob on profile pictures!

*In collaboration with Benenden

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