Thursday 21 August 2014

The best indoor games to play with your kids

*In collaboration with Frieda Nilsson 
Summer is officially here and the kids are all enjoying time away from school. While it’s a great time of year for your children, it can also be a struggle for you as a parent to keep them entertained, particularly when the weather is bad. Whether you’ve got young children or teenagers, we’ve got you covered for playing indoors this summer.

Without having to spend a lot of money, you can be your kids’ own magician – all you need are a few plastic cups and a dime. Place the coin under one of the cups and then shuffle the cups – ask your children to choose which cup the coin is under. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like by adjusting speeds, and if you really want to see their eyes light up, gently nudge the coin under the table and watch them as you reveal that the coin has disappeared altogether.

Want a game that's fun and educational? You don't have to put your kids in front of an abacus – othersare available too, such as bingo. This one’s not only a brilliant source of fun but it can also help your little ones learn some basic number skills. Let your creative side out by helping your kids create bingo cards and numbers to pull out of the hat.

Treasure Hunt
There’s nothing kids love more than a treasure hunt, especially when there’s the possibility of a prize at the end. Make sure you offer them a good incentive, for example, a goody bag of candy bars, and start building your clues. All you’ll need is a few sheets of paper and a creative imagination – perhaps write a few rhyming poems to help your children along with the clues. This fun game is great for kids of all ages and will teach them the benefits of earning a reward.

Indoor hopscotch
This one’s great for kids and adults who want to burn a few calories, and it’s relatively casualty free! All you’ll need is some masking tape and a pebble. Apply the tape to the floor and draw out the numbers with the tape, making your very own, mess free indoor hopscotch board. The rules are simple: the player has to throw a pebble onto one of the numbers and ‘hop’ to it by avoiding number one – while the rules might be simple, the hopping is not! 

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