Tuesday 5 August 2014

Wedding inspiration; Adding the sparkle

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wedding rings

These past few months there has been so many people I know getting married that it is getting hard to not get excited about our own wedding day. I really want to start planning but our lack of savings and the fact we're having another baby is putting a hold on it for a little while longer. Although I have started buying Bridal magazines and really thinking of how I want our wedding to be, Pinterest has become my main source of wedding paraphenalia! You can follow me here if you're interested :)  

One thing I have been giving a lot thought is our wedding rings. I don't hear much about peoples wedding rings and feel people tend to just get bog standard, cheap wedding rings but I don't really want that. I feel the wedding ring is even more special than your engagement ring so should be equally as gorgeous, if not more so! 

As my engagement ring is an unusual band shape, I will more than likely need a custom wedding band made to fit it which is not a problem, there are loads of companies that offer custom wedding rings. I would definitely have some diamonds put in my wedding band to make it look extra special, it will be a bit more pricey but I will have it on for the rest of my life so I need to make sure I like it ;)

What type of wedding ring did you/would you go for?

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