Wednesday 6 August 2014

Essentials when decorating for newborn's

I always get asked what my top baby products were and what essentials you need to get in preparation for having a newborn. Someone recently asked me what the essentials were in Sienna's nursery and I thought it was a brilliant question. We had so many things in Sienna's nursery that was didn't even use!

After a long, hard think, I came up with the top 3 things we couldn't have done without and will definitely be getting for the next baby too if they have separate rooms! I thought I'd share this as a post as it could help some other mummy's to be on what we deemed 'essential' when decorating/preparing Sienna's nursery.

decorating essentials for newborns

1. I love these Yorkshire Linen black out curtains. Black out curtains are perfect for trying to get your baby to distinguish day from night and into some kind of routine, the smallest amount of light can wake them!  

2. We already have one of these Gro-light's in Sienna's room and it's brilliant. If we decided to give them separate rooms, I will definitely be purchasing another one for the baby's room. It's a 2 in 1 nightlight so gives a dimmed light which is great for the nighttime routine or middle of the night feeds yet can be switched to a bright light when needed too. See my video review here to find out more. 

3. I hope a mobile this counts as decor.. it kind of does?! We found a mobile so helpful for Sienna, it really helped her drift off to sleep by herself without us having to rock her to sleep or anything. I swear it was the secret to her being so good at self settling! Again, I probably won't buy this until we know the gender when our baby is born, unless we find a lovely neutral one! The one above is by Lollipop Lane and is quite cute, but maybe a bit too boyish?! 

What essentials helped you in your little ones room?

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