Friday 29 August 2014

Sienna's birthday wish list!

Siennas birthday wish list

Sienna's birthday is creeping up on us, it's now only a few months away so I need to get cracking! This year we aren't going to do a big party for her like we did last year, I don't think it's necessary to do a party every year, I don't want her expecting it every year as it's very expensive! We my do them every couple of years or so but that's all. This year her birthday falls on a Saturday so we might take her out for the day like swimming or to the zoo depending on the weather, then we still have the Sunday for anyone to visit and see her if they want.

I have already started getting a few bits and bobs here and there for her but I think most of that will be kept back for Christmas! I like to spend more on her for her birthday because I feel birthday's are a bit more special, it is purely Sienna's day unlike Christmas which we all celebrate! For her main present, I really want to get her a big wooden kitchen. She has her small little tikes one but I think she'd love this. She already has some wooden pots, pans, plates etc and all the plastic food and she loves playing with it, she just needs a kitchen for it all! This one is the Prairie kitchen from Beebies Baby Store and I love the colours of it. I also want to get her the Kettle to match so she can at least make the teas ;)

I will get her some other little bits and bobs too, I'll probably pick up some clothes along the way as well as the items above. I have already got her this Peppa Pig backpack from Peacocks and I still want to get her the Cath Kidston apron, Threading animals and Hetty mop & bucket set from ELC, I could honestly get her so much, I love all the wooden sets on Beebies for her kitchen! I could also buy her so many clothes and shoes, little sets for her dolls house etc but I have to stop somewhere! Maybe all that can be for Christmas, hehe!

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