Thursday 28 August 2014

Sweetpea Pantry Pancakes!

Sweetpea pantry offers baking kits with all the dry ingredients, you just add the wet such as milk, eggs or oil, pretty similar to the other kits on the market. The difference with the Sweetpea pantry is that they use super foods within their mixes to make the items wholesome and more nutritional for children (and adults!).

This week we tried out the Grainy Brainy Pancakes which are gluten free as well as full of nutritious whole grains and flours such as buckwheat, quinoa and flaxseed. This instructions were very clear and straight forward, it also didn't take long either so was perfect for Sienna to get involved with!

*This post was originally published in 2014 which is why Sienna looks so young, but as it's pancake day I thought I'd share again!

She loved being involved and I think she is finally at the age where she understands baking a bit more and wasn't trying to eat the mixture raw! 

After a few minutes in a hot pan, Sienna's pancakes were done! I topped hers with fruit and a peanut butter sauce I quickly rustled up. The pancakes looked great, a nice golden colour and a nice fluffy inside! 

I don't think Sienna was sure at the beginning as beforehand she has never liked the texture of pancakes. However, she soon told me they were 'really yummy' and started smiling. It didn't take long for her plate to be cleared, I think they were a hit!

Mummy was naughty and had her pancakes with banana, bacon and honey! I forgot how delicious that combination is, yum! Warren has them too and we were both impressed with the pancakes. They didn't taste 'healthy' at all, I would very happily replace our normal pancake mixture for this one! 

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