Monday 7 July 2014

Vichy Normaderm hydrating care

Vichy Normaderm hydrating care
Vichy Normaderm hydrating care

I have been on the hunt for a new daytime moisturiser even since my beloved Effaclar Duo changed their formula.. (I swear the Effaclar Duo+ breaks me out but that's another post…!) 
I always get a little anxious when looking for new skincare as my skin is super sensitive and doesn't do well with new products. On my quest to find something remotely suitable, I remembered the Vichy Normaderm range and took a closer look.

Suitable for sensitive skin? Check. Combats blemishes? Check. Tackles uneven complexion & oily skin? Check. It listed everything I needed in a skincare range so I delved in and chose the hydrating care as it sounded most suitable for what I was after.

I was really excited about this as it sounded like my perfect day time moisturiser. After the first application I really liked it; it was a light cream that hydrated deeply but didn't leave a heavy, greasy residue on the surface. That tightness disappeared, my skin felt supple and plump and it did keep the oiliness at bay. I also noticed it worked well under make-up and it helped my make-up last longer on the skin which is a big plus. 

Everything sounds great and I was really enjoying it, until I started breaking out… I stopped using it for a few days and my breakout cleared up. It could have been a coincidence but I don't think it was as this product has parfum in it. I have worked out that my skin doesn't do well with parfum so try to avoid products with it in. As Vichy is targeted towards to sensitive skin, I didn't think they would include it in their products. If you're targeting sensitive skin why add any kind of parfum or fragrance? I'd rather have nice, clear skin than a nice smelling product…

I'm really gutted that this broke me out as I thought I had found my holy grail of moisturisers yet now I feel I'm back to square one…

Have you tried the Vichy Normaderm range? What are your views?

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