Sunday 6 July 2014

The week that was captured #3

On Sunday we started my birthday celebrations because obviously Warren would be at work on Monday. I woke up to Sienna coming up the stairs to our room saying 'Happy birthday mummy' and I could hear a lot of rustling. She burst through the door with these gorgeous flowers and the cutest face ever! 

We then went to Warren's mum's for the day which was lovely, it was so hot! We had lunch in the garden which was super yummy, I couldn't stop eating. Sienna always have fun at Grandmas and she did so well with the potty training too! 

On Monday morning I woken by Sienna again bringing me all my cards and presents! She was so excited bless her haha! I got some lovely bits and bobs, I will be doing a 'What I got for my birthday' video so I won't share too much ;) I did get lots of chocolate though haha, that won't be good for my bikini body ;)

My birthday presents I ordered myself haha, they came really quick using the TNT next day delivery service! 

Warren went to work for the day and me and Sienna chilled all day in the sun. My brother and his girlfriend popped round as well which was nice because he's been away on holiday for 2 weeks so we kind of missed him! When Warren came home we all got ready and went to Giraffe for my birthday meal.. I got a cocktail as I was really craving one, I got the Berry Bellini however after a few sips, I realised I still hate alcohol and I couldn't finish it! haha! It looked pretty though ;) 

For my main, I ordered the Steak sandwich with sweet potato fries.. oh my, it was delicious! So, so good, I definitely ordered well! For dessert, I ordered the apple and cherry crumble which was so good as well, Warren had the banana waffles and Sienna had the kids chocolate brownie. After that we were full and tired so just came home to bed! 

Tuesday we went to New Look & Tesco although I forgot Sienna's pushchair and she was tired, hot and hungry so not in the best of moods. I gave up in New Look and came home.. A bit of a stressful day! 

Warren was working from home on Wednesday as he had his scan (on his liver & gall bladder) right in the middle of the day. Luckily everything came back clear but means his random sickness and pain is still a bit of a mystery!  Grandma came to see Sienna in her lunch hour and we spent the afternoon glueing and playing! 

Thursday we got up and ready and headed to the park to meet a friend although it was cut short as Sienna wet herself and mummy forgot spare trousers, doh! We came home, quickly got her changed and headed to my mums for the afternoon as I hadn't seen her for my birthday! 

On Friday I received my gorgeous new Michael Kors watch from joshuajamesjewellery (currently on offer), I'm so in love! We spent most of the day playing with Sienna's dollhouse, she has been loving it lately! 

Saturday morning we started packing for our holiday woohoo! We then got ready to go out, we had a joint 50th/19th/25th wedding anniversary to go to! It was such a good night even though I was driving although we didn't get in bed until 3am! 

What have you been up too?

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