Thursday 12 June 2014

Plans for our garden!

*In collaboration with All Pond Solutions


We haven't done anything to our garden since we moved in over 2 years ago. It is just a basic, small garden with a little patio outside our patio doors. It could be lovely if we put a bit of effort into it so that's what I plan to do!

I want to add some colours in the way of flowers however I don't want anything that is high maintenance as I'm not the gardening type. I also want the garden to be mainly for the kids and I don't want to have to keep shouting at them to get off my flowers! I was thinking hanging baskets or a few pots along the edge of the patio to divide it a bit more from the garden. I also love this idea above with the flower pots on the fence, it would make a great feature. Ideally I'd love a little pond as our feature but we don't have room for one so will have to make do with Sienna's aquarium.. although we need to clean it out & get a new filter! (All Pond Solutions are brilliant if you have a pond or aquarium that need filters!)

I also want to add a new table and chairs and a little bench. When we are a family of 4 (or more?!) one day, I want to have plenty of seating. At the moment we have a small glass table but I want a wooden rectangular one with 6 chairs around it and then a wooden bench either the other side of the patio or on the grass by the fence.

We will also need some kind of storage for all the kids outdoor toys, I'd ideally like a shed but there just isn't room so maybe one of these storage boxes would be the answer? It would have to be wooden though to match the rest and go in the far corner out of the way!  

I think that's pretty much the basics of what I want so far, of course I want to get Sienna a few more garden toys but that's a whole other post..!

What do you have in your garden? Anything I need to add?

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