Saturday 14 June 2014

Multipower Natural energy bars

 MultipowerUK are a leading sportsfood company who are also official sponsors of the Giro D’Italia Cycling Race. The Fruit Power energy bar is the ‘official product’ of the Giro D’Italia and has been launched alongside the race. We were kindly sent 10 bars to review, a mixture of the Fruit Power and Nature's power energy bars.

All the Nature's power bars have only 2-4 g fat and natural carbohydrates coming from seeds and oat flakes, so are great for before and during training. With me being a chocoholic, I was drawn to the salty cocoa immediately and it didn't disappoint! It was sweet, salty, chocolatey but all natural and aspartame free which is great. The stats are also great with only 150 calories, 3g fat and over 5g protein. These are a great, healthy alternative to a chocolate bar when those chocolate cravings hit. All the other flavours are equally as nice too and jam packed of all the good stuff.
The Fruit Power bars have 48-65% real fruit (depending on flavour) so give you a natural hit of energy that is again great for before and during training. They contain only 1.5 g fat but are lower in protein and higher in natural sugars. The ingredients list on all of them are great and I was glad to see the Tropical doesn't contain orange as I'm allergic to it. I love that these are also jam packed of real fruit not just flavourings.

I was impressed with the packaging of both types of bar, they are colourful and bright which I find a lot of health/energy bars lack and you can clearly see which flavour each one is. 

The second thing I was impressed about was the flavour combinations, they aren't the typical flavours you'd expect. We had honey & seeds, cranberry & strawberry, salty cocoa, tropical and original (apple & raisin). We enjoyed every flavour, all the bars are sweet and fruity; they aren't dry and bland like some health bars can be. We'd definitely pick them up again; especially the salty cocoa ones ;)

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